About Prolifiko

Prolifiko is a digital productivity coach designed to help you kickstart and continue your writing projects.

Our system is based around proven theories of behaviour change and the science of habits –which means it works.

If you let it! We don͛t tell you what to write – that's up to you – but we do promise to give you the support and motivation you need to start and keep going.

How it works

You start by taking our 5-day kickstart where we challenge you to complete a piece of your own writing over a week.

This gets your writing off to a flying start and familiarizes you with our unique goal and step-setting process.

Then, once you͛re in the swing of things, you get to choose your own writing deadlines – which means that you can tackle a longer writing project and build up your practice.

We͛ll ask you for your name and email address because we need to keep in contact with you and provide support and tips as you get started.

How Prolifiko kickstart works:

  1. First, you set a writing goal and tell us the first step you'll take towards meeting that goal.
  2. We give you until midnight tomorrow to complete each step and once you've completed it you 'track' and set the next step. There are 5 steps in total.
  3. Each time you track we email you a new 'secret' of writing productivity - tips backed by science.
  4. Because we're really nice and we know that sometimes life gets in the way, we give you two chances to miss deadline.
  5. But because we're not that nice, you lose a life every time you miss a deadline. Miss two deadlines and you're off the challenge - sorry :-)

How Prolifiko continue works:

  1. Like before, you set your own writing goal and you work towards it in small, achievable steps.
  2. But this time, you set your own writing deadlines – we give you some options or you get to pick your own date – and you receive nudges along the way.
  3. You͛ll also receive a weekly summary of your writing progress together with a sprinkling of inspiration to keep you going!

Whatever you want to write, however you want to write it, we͛re here to give you the support and motivation you need to reach and celebrate your writing achievements.

About Us

Prolifiko is made by Write Track, a startup making digital productivity tools for writers of all types. It was founded by Bec Evans and Chris Smith who have spent many years helping people become more productive writers.

Bec is an expert in product innovation especially habit-forming technology. She has worked in publishing for many years and was formerly the director of a national writing school. In her spare time she writes short stories and non-fiction. Chris runs a content marketing and digital media consultancy and he's spent a career writing and coaching other people to write. He's also an award-winning scriptwriter of short comedy films.

Together they have written for a whole host of publications like The Guardian, Life Hacker, Startup Grind, The Next Web, Mslexia and The Bookseller – and many more.